Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Givenchy L'or Celeste (only at Sephora)

Karen Walker Tortoise Shell Sunglasses:

The Row Backpack (don't judge):

Chloe "Terry" Clutch:
Rwen Military Parka

Madewell Military Parka

Pixiemarket's One Teaspoon Dress

Dear Santa,

Can't a broke-ass boutique owner dream?  I only post these because I know my boyfriend and I have completed our Christmas-on-a-budget shopping.  I've been good and bad this year, sometimes I couldn't be asked, but 98% of the time I worked my ass off, spent sleepless nights scheming and planning, and have flopped on my bed and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow on most nights.  My most major offense this year would have to be getting easily and overly frustrated.  I have spent myself to utter exhaustion and back.  I have lived the dream for a year and while it was physically, mentally and emotionally taxing, I've enjoyed every minute of it.  I've watched my online boutique progress healthily during a grinding recession, and I'm so grateful.  I've listened to many speakers and entrepreneurs with eagerness and an open heart.  I have somehow utilized my boyfriend's skills and hidden talents to the 1000th degree, and along with friends and loved ones, have come to this point.  I appreciate those who have helped me with their endless generosity, strength, and support so much that I could easily give them my life.  When things get so hard that you want to give up, and someone comes and picks you up by your arms and runs with you to keep you going... that is when you see the true vision of love, with such clarity.  Thank you, friends, supporters, and Austin, for making it such a good year for Violet Boutique! :*)

Anywho... there was an article all over facebook, I'm sure you've read it, about how a Christmas present's cost is not directly correlated to a person's enjoyment of it, it's really the thought.  There was actually research dedicated to this notion of "memorableness".  The most memorable gifts are the ones when you've spent the time really picking what you thought the other person would want; and it could be handmade, free, or cheap.  They mentioned this article on NPR too, and asked a bunch of people what the most memorable present was to them.  The best presents I've ever received , or the only ones I can really remember, were the gifts of travel.  My father took us to Vegas back when we lived in West Virginia (which is just how you think it is) for Christmas, when I was 8.  We stayed at the Excalibur, which is a random, cheap, hotel, my parents aren't gamblers so they instead played tennis at the hotel's court with me, and we ate at buffets.  I remember eating a lot of corn and mashed potatoes (I'm picky).  It was not an expensive trip, but it was a getaway from the snow and cold, it was relaxing, we had fun, and it is one of my most poignant memories of my dad.  He was a young engineer at the time, only a few years older than I am now, and he taught me the importance of taking the time to get away with your loved ones and see new things when you are stuck living in a random ass place, even if you have a tight budget.  Otherwise, very simply, you get depressed.  

So, all I want for Christmas this year is to see my family and be with my boyfriend, which is happening anyway!  Oh, and maybe I'll buy that gold dust atomizer for myself because it's so darn sleek.  What was your all-time favorite Christmas present?


  1. I love that! Vegas trip :)
    I have a lot of favorite Christmas experiences and memories but for some reason don't remember many gifts I received. I guess that statement itself speaks volumes. One gift that I do remember is the pair of earrings my mom gave me right after I pierced my ears for the first time (in college). It was a total surprise because my sister and I usually don't get gifts for Christmas. I also loved the design--it was a geometric design made out of white gold. No stones or anything. It was very me and I loved that she picked something so perfect too.

  2. Your Vegas trip sounds amazing and I think you should also buy that atomizer, stat!

    As for myself, we actually grew up not practicing Christmas as a commercial holiday so I never received Christmas gifts and grew accustomed to buying exactly what I wanted with the ca$h that was given to me for my birthday. But the best gift I ever received was a homemade "I love you" card on a piece of teared-out college ruled notebook paper, with "I love you" written in Elmer's glue and dusted with silver glitter. It was made by Andrew and Deborah, slipped under my bedroom door as I was crying because I had just gotten into a terrible fight with my parents. It was my most prized possession that was misplaced in my move from MD to LA, but if I close my eyes, I can still see it and the memory of the gift is as priceless as the item itself.

    Close seconds are my birthday mix cd, handwritten letters from friends and family, a song in a capella on my voicemail from an ex, and matchbooks.

  3. gurrrl, i love you. that IS the best gift ever. :*)