Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm moving/I <3 Candice

Some pics of the good old days with my roomie:

Tonight I am having an 80's party to celebrate(?) moving out of my sweet sweet apt in the westside, leaving the best roommate in the world, Candice. Her sister is moving in since I gave her 2 months notice. I am probably moving to K-town, where I will eat yummy Korean food, go to bakeries and sing karaoke every single day. :) I am also looking for a job, please send open jobs my way! I will try to launch by November 1st~! My Tokyo trip will be in October to do the rest of my buying, and then hopefully everything else will come in place. Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's been a long time since my last post! I have decided not to go to the London College of Fashion in September, but instead I will try to fulfill a long time dream I've had of opening a website with Japanese and Scandinavian women's contemporary apparel! I will also be staying in L.A.! I just went to Copenhagen and Stockholm to attend trade shows, and to pick the Scandinavian brands that I'd like to carry on the website. I'll be heading to Tokyo in September to pick the remaining brands, and I'll have 10-15 brands in total. The site will be for the Barney's COOP-type demographic, with price points around theirs, maybe a bit lower on average. It's due to launch in October, so please check every so often and I'll be blasting the news, of course. Following are some pics from the trade shows and etc.