Monday, July 25, 2011

Violet Boutique at Indie Mart!

Indie Mart was super successful yesterday and I was extremely grateful to have been a part of it.  I was impressed with the quality of all the vendors and of course I was happy to see the vast variety of hipsters/artists/young people of SF, all perfect prototypes of the people I like to see shopping at Violet.  Thank you all, friends of Violet Boutique, for your support, and thank you Indie Marters for reminding me of why exactly I love doing this.

Welcome to Violet Boutique!

with the best boyfriend in the world... jack of all trades- math whiz- graphic designer- youtube pro- rolling rack pushing- zip car renting- postcard photoshopping wonder-male.  I could never move at this velocity without you. 

Violet Boutiquers

This was one of my fave booths, Dorklandia

who doesn't want to buy a $20 crocheted cat??

Super SF-esque style

There were so many good vintage vendors

pickle booth!

Friendship bracelet booth

love the vial
The glasses I bought, two for $15!

cutie who emulates my brand's image perfectly

hemming and hawing over this bag

trying on a rucksack for size

googley eyes never get old

my fave dog of the day, though there were many... this yorkie/maltese mix. 

Villains cutie buying the new polka dot pleated dress

Nail envy

Fashion Toast look-alike!

pacman tatts of every type that look like they're sharpied on are pretty sweet.

My lovely Jen trying on new arrivals glasses

werkin... note that I bought the Dorklandia cat to act as an honorary mascot

New Arrivals from Korea!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Girls on Bikes

In my opinion, there's nothing more eye-catching than a beautiful girl riding on her bike, in any part of the world, with her hair and scarf blowing in the wind. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Wraparound braids always remind me of the movie Heidi with Shirley Temple. I loved Shirley Temple movies when I was little, and as a lonesome Asian girl who drew all the time, I'd look at my thick black braids and wish I was a curly-haired white girl with dimples.  Here's looking at you, kid.:)