Monday, July 25, 2011

Violet Boutique at Indie Mart!

Indie Mart was super successful yesterday and I was extremely grateful to have been a part of it.  I was impressed with the quality of all the vendors and of course I was happy to see the vast variety of hipsters/artists/young people of SF, all perfect prototypes of the people I like to see shopping at Violet.  Thank you all, friends of Violet Boutique, for your support, and thank you Indie Marters for reminding me of why exactly I love doing this.

Welcome to Violet Boutique!

with the best boyfriend in the world... jack of all trades- math whiz- graphic designer- youtube pro- rolling rack pushing- zip car renting- postcard photoshopping wonder-male.  I could never move at this velocity without you. 

Violet Boutiquers

This was one of my fave booths, Dorklandia

who doesn't want to buy a $20 crocheted cat??

Super SF-esque style

There were so many good vintage vendors

pickle booth!

Friendship bracelet booth

love the vial
The glasses I bought, two for $15!

cutie who emulates my brand's image perfectly

hemming and hawing over this bag

trying on a rucksack for size

googley eyes never get old

my fave dog of the day, though there were many... this yorkie/maltese mix. 

Villains cutie buying the new polka dot pleated dress

Nail envy

Fashion Toast look-alike!

pacman tatts of every type that look like they're sharpied on are pretty sweet.

My lovely Jen trying on new arrivals glasses

werkin... note that I bought the Dorklandia cat to act as an honorary mascot

New Arrivals from Korea!



  1. "cutie who emulates my brand's image perfectly"

    Terry, I hope she's your friend because I would like to meet her so very much.

  2. this is not the violet boutique dating service! let's hope she took a postcard and finds you!

  3. Dude. Imma have to work your booth more often.