Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DNA and Free Gold Watch

Thank you, DNA (Designers and Artists) for hosting a great sale at Free Gold Watch!  I got to meet some cool new people, catch some great streetstyle, and of course sold some cute stuff from Violet Boutique!  I will be there again this coming Sunday, and they are doing DNA's storefront popup shop all this weekend and next weekend!  Here's a glimpse of our weekend and some VB cuties for your viewing pleasure:

This is Punam, and her fashion blog is: Nothing Broken

this is the typical sf men's outfit: cuffed dark jeans, combat boots, grandpa cardigan

And everyone loves Sam, my assistant and now menswear buyer.  He's been so on point with Noble!


  1. Your inventory is amazing!! I want to come visit with David when you have another pop up shop.