Thursday, April 14, 2011

do it do it do it do it do it do it do it now

80s Purple Warhol Sunnies From Www.80spurple.Com, Secondhand Velvet Dress From Urban Jungle, Forever 21 Lace Socks, Ralph Lauren Pointed Heels

Short Brim Straw Hat From Www.Misspouty.Com, Jeffrey Campbell Wedge Heels, Long Mesh Skirt From Www.Misspouty.Com

Scalloped Dress From Vintage, Lace Bunny Ears From Dotti

Tights From Www.Iwearsin.Com, Bag From Www.Kii.Se

Kimono From Nasty Gal, Bodysuit From American Apparel, Wedges From Aldo

Mossimo Striped Top, Neck Scarf From Thrift Store, H & M Leather Suspenders, Leather Braided Belt From Thrift Store

Lookbook kids are so inspired, this is what fashion is about.  It is not about the money you have nor the trends dictated by nobodies.  Listen to that inkling you may have in your heart to express the inexpressible.  You only live once...

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