Monday, April 18, 2011

Coachella $$$$$

This year I didn't attempt to go to Coachella in order to avoid heat exhaustion, high ticket prices (1K lol wut?) and because of the high probability that my fave bands would overlap, causing me to run from stage to stage like a crazy.  From the photos, I noticed that the ticket prices may have drawn a different crowd than usual, which is too bad.  Where can the fashion obsessed go now to get their fix? Here are some good ones, however:

The ever-present Bosworth with her tan, gorgeous gams:


  1. By "a different crowd" do you mean rich bitches that wanna party and look cool poolside, having never even heard of 75% of the line up and are too old to know who Duran Duran is?

  2. hahah yes, honest anonymous person! i was joking that I liked the old school PJ Harvey, big fish little fish swimming in the water PJ Harvey, and that most of the girls there hadn't been conceived yet when that came out. they were probably there to get drunk and wear tory burch flip flops!