Saturday, March 17, 2012

NCLA Nails Now at Violet Boutique!

I was wandering around Project in Magic Las Vegas, lost in thought about what I would buy for Summer and Fall '12.  Then I saw the NCLA nail kiosk that was set up in the middle of the booths and made a beeline for it.  I had thought about maybe buying Butter nail polishes for some nail presence on the site, but these nail wraps by NCLA just blew my mind, I meaaaan, Sphinxes and fangs?? They were definitely 10 steps above the rest.  The girl who is the owner, Elin, sealed the deal for me.  It was nice to meet another young business owner, who had the Alexander Wang Rocco bag as well, and had the hustle of a lioness; check, check, check!  And of course I love her name, with my Swedish interest.  Her ish is tight!!!!  And so, without further ado, introducing NCLA Nail Wraps @Violet Boutique!  You can buy them now right here!

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