Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Why SHOULDN'T you get chrome Minx nails?  

I got these bad boys done at Zaza salon down at 2nd and South Park, and although they look amazing and striking, and people stop me all the time so they can look at them... they started peeling on the second day!  The manicurist warned me, but I was determined and thought I had some secret to nail longevity.  Sadly, I am a mere mortal and my nail stickers started peeling.  I even took a hairdryer to them to melt the sticker and push it back on like they told me to, but no luck.  The saddest part is that it cost $48 just for Minx on my hands.  I'd pay this much for gel nails with a design, because I know it'll last a month, but 2 days??  Woe is me.  Sally Hansen or Sephora, please please please create matte and shiny chrome nail stickers!  No more leopard merging into tiger print or christmas trees, please?  Skulls and zebra prints on nails are OVER!  You heard it first, here at I Eat Fashion, kakaka.

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