Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Welcome to Violet Boutique's 2nd round at Indie Mart!  'Twas a lovely day in Potrero Hill, some of the highlights were Violet customers and followers coming to say hello and shop, eating vegan banh mi that were literally cooked on a pan on a folding table but were DELISH, the sunglasses vendor where I always have to buy a pair, the 2nd crocheted cat vendor that has been at Indie Mart (there are multiples?!), the Chairman Bao truck, my new VB employee, Sam!!!!! aaaaaaand Magnolia Photo Booth.  Special thanks to all the friends who visited the booth and of course, AUSTIN, my wonderful boyfriend extraordinaire!

 Tam modeling a VB polka dot dress!

Vintage cutie Shanti who had a booth nearby!

 I love my most badass, tatted customers.

 of course she had the best tuxedo nails!

VB repeat offender!

lil cutie Tam modeling the cozy sweater she bought at VB~

 Austin and I at the Magnolia photo booth

 Methinks we need another table again...


 he is simply the best <3

 VB Men... Menswear coming soon!

 One of the new Violet Boutique employees, Sam, working our makeshift dressing room.  This is the only semi-decent photo I have of him, unfortunately, but he is amazing and so knowledgeable.  I especially love how he has style for days yet he looks big and strong enough to be a bouncer, to scare of VB thieves.  Sooo glad to have you! 


  1. whew!! loving it all- can't decide whose cuter, you or your ever so stylish customers!!

    heart you berry!

  2. Yaaaay, success!! I see so much product I want, gah!

    Send me email, let me know how it went luver :)

  3. Wow! Yay for Terry! She's kicking butt!!